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Artcam 2011 Portugues.rar

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best way to handle authorized users

What is the best way to handle authorized users with PHP
I need to capture the IP address and for each incoming user I need to compare it with users in the database
in other words is there a better way to handle IP users?


You should do the authorization on the server-side and use a client-side code to display a page to the user.
Some ideas :

Do a variable in your database that can be set when the user authentication is done. Each user can have it set to on, him/her. Then when a user is authenticated, you can check that variable. It would be something like "authenticated_by_me".
Do a session. When a user is authenticated, send a cookie that contains his IP address. Then when a new user comes in, check the cookie. If the cookie is set, the user was authenticated by him/herself.

You can get the idea. It is kind of infrastructure question. I wouldn't worry about it really, it's not exactly a security related question.


Guessing Odd or Even Number Sequences

I am working on an interview question, and I am not sure if my solution is correct.
The question is given numbers
1 2 4 7 8 9 1 2 4 7 8 9 1

There are three clues for number sequences.

Sequences will always be odd/even
Some sequences will start with a 1 and others with a 2
Sequences will either end with a 0 or a 1

Now my question is can we be sure that every sequence will end with a 1 or 0?
In our case we have 4 odd and 3 even sequences

Odd: 1 2 4


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