Srirasmi Nude 13

Srirasmi Nude 13


Srirasmi Nude 13

according to one thai author, srirasmi is now the rightful heir to the palakorn throne, despite no legal process having been invoked to that effect. such is apparently the status of the heir apparent to the longest reigning thai monarchy to date.

channel police chief sukhum samphun stresses that the charges against srirasmi and her family, which date back to 2007, have been thoroughly investigated. "ultimately, the relatives of srirasmi are the real people behind the accusations," he said.

mr sukhum added that, in a typical case of lese-majeste, bangkok had been living in a state of anarchy for some years. "there have been rumours circulating that members of the royal family are arranging for thaksin to return to power," he said. "but they have never offered concrete proof."

asked about rumours of a military conspiracy to influence thai politics, mr sukhum cautioned that military junta chief gen prayut chan-o-cha, who has not held a paying job since the military seized power in may 2006, had no money of his own. "there are groups of military leaders working for money and they are the only ones who have the means to finance activities of this kind," he said.

regardless of who is behind the veiled threats, or rather whispers, of mr thaksin, srirasmi still offers an example of how members of royal families have disappeared into a netherworld of privilege and luxury, overt or otherwise, essentially beyond the reach of the law. even if it is not their secret intention, the family of the heir apparent to the palakorn throne has disappeared off the radar.

back to srirasmi. the incident occurred on 11 october, 1977, on the occasion of her 30th birthday celebration, an event especially important to all former monarchs, even to the current queen, for she found much solace in her youth. srirasmi had been born during the reign of her father, when monarchy was still a distant dream. however, she was the youngest of four children, two boys and two girls, all born within five years of each other and raised in the same nursery. when a sudden succession crisis sent princess srirasmi's brothers, prince mahidol and his two sons, into the background, srirasmi assumed a central role in the care of the royal brood. according to many observers, such royal pampering had an effect on her character, making her self-absorbed, emotional, optimistic and spoiled.
srirasmi was the eldest child of srirasmi suwadee and the late rangsit charoensukvorakul (1935–2006), a brigadier general (retired) in the army who died on 9 october, 2006, while under house arrest by his son-in-law, who had just become prime minister.
srirasmi, the second daughter of the prince’s first marriage, princess suvadhana of chakri, is always referred to as prince srirasmi in the monarchy. she was born on 5 november, 1964, and graduated with a bachelor of science in textile science from kasetsart university (kau), in bangkok, thailand. her is the second daughter of a monarch, after her mother, from whom she is descended through direct and matrilineal lines of succession to her own uncle and the king of thailand, his majesty rama ix .
for example, anoworanit, a former actress who once made a movie about the troubled monarchy titled “ thats my job, you can do what you want ”, was once invited to stay at the royal palace for three months. when asked whether srirasmi’s and anoworans’ royal lifestyles differed, the current crown prince, who was 30 years her senior, said, “they have different worlds. that’s it.” but while the two women may have lived in separate worlds, they did not live in separate houses, as it appears that their respective families were obliged by tradition and economic circumstances to share a home.

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