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The Elden Ring is a fantasy action RPG where your childhood dream returns to life. In the world of the Elden Ring, your own childhood dream has been granted a second life.
In this fantasy world, the world has fallen into chaos. A land ravaged by civil wars and monsters. A land in which a confrontation has begun between the various factions. The infant Tarnished, a Crystalline that has been sealed for 10,000 years, has begun to stir, and the party that has discovered it must now take the lead.
Can you protect the Elden Ring from civil wars and monsters, and awaken a new world?
PLATFORM (Home Console / PC / WIIU)
HOME - Arcade Stick
Expect PS3 and XBOX 360, XBOX ONE coming soon!


In the first person perspective fantasy action RPG, common actions are strongly tied to risk and reward. You are able to freely execute actions while keeping track of what will happen to you while executing them. By taking risky actions, you will encounter an increased risk of a problem, a higher chance of encountering a problem and a high cost. However, by executing safe actions, you will encounter a decreased risk of a problem, a decreased chance of encountering a problem, and a low cost. Furthermore, there are various rewards, such as a reduction in the risk of the problem encountered by executing common actions, an increase in the chance of obtaining a reward, a decrease in the cost of obtaining a reward, a increase in the number of times you can use the reward, an increase in the amount of the reward, an increase in the effectiveness of the weapon or armor, and the like.
In this way, actions are performed not only while keeping track of the odds and benefits of them, but by taking risks and obtaining rewards, you can freely perform actions.
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Game Features
Play a fantasy action RPG in the Lands Between
(1) Freely Change Classes
Choose from 3 classes and freely change between them at will. Feel free to freely switch between classes, including setting up combination classes by attaching scrolls and collect cards to your character.
(2) History of the Elden Ring
The Elden Ring is a fantasy action RPG where your childhood dream returns to life. In the


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Enhanced controls
  • A change of visual style
  • The player’s presence now becomes more tangible
  • An enhanced online system
  • Map screen

    In the previous FINAL FANTASY® XIV: A Realm Reborn public beta test, the map screen was displayed in the traditional map format, making it difficult to identify your current location or orientation.

    In the new FINAL FANTASY® XIV: A Realm Reborn beta test, the map screen uses a new interface that is different from the previous beta test. The outer white border has been eliminated, providing the information on the current location more clearly and dynamically.

    In addition, the map screen can be scrolled on the right side, and the current map, a marker, and landmark information is displayed.

    To the right of the map, a drag-and-drop-friendly layout panel has also been added. This panel lets you arrange the various elements of the layout in a flexible manner.

    Orientation and location on the map screen

    Orientation and location has been adjusted in order to improve usability.

    Orientation is displayed to the left or right side of the map.

    When you place an object with the drag-and-drop-friendly layout panel onto the orientation of your choice, that object is automatically placed in the correct location.

    Location is displayed on top of the map.

    When the character’s current location is within a city or town, local data and markers are displayed in order to improve player’s ability to quickly and intuitively find where they need to go.

    Character information on the map screen

    When the character’s current location is outside of a city or town, the character name and current information is displayed in order to allow you to know whether or not you’re close to the character.

    Equipment information on the map screen

    The character’s equipment is now displayed automatically in the right panel of the map screen when you equip it.

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    Battle without PVP (Territorial PvP) - Battle without PVP (Territorial PvP)

    Go to Battle! - Go to Battle!

    Banter-able battle - Banter-able battle

    3D world - 3D world

    Unexpected changes - Unexpected changes

    Online role-playing game - Online role-playing game

    Long-in-development - Long-in-development


    Legendary monsters - Legendary monsters

    Evan Rise

    Name: Evan Rise

    Age: 16

    Appearance: Evan stands at 187cm. He has a soft expression, which seems to be close to happiness. His facial features show carefree childishness. He is a member of the “Minarets” household.

    Habits: Evan is often lost in his imagination. He does everything, seemingly without thinking. His playful smile makes him seem like a child. Evan occasionally drags his older sister with him. His face and lips seem to be the most sensitive parts of his body.

    Real name: Evan Rise, age 16, the fourth child in the Minaret household. His face is soft and his expression is one of carefree childishness, and seems to be close to happiness. He sometimes drags his older sister with him, and is distinguished by a happy smile that seems to be close to the childish childishness of a child. He is a member of the “Minarets” household.

    Biography: The “Evan” living in the “Minarets” household, the fourth child in a family of eight people, has been called by the gods and became a high-rank adventurer. He is a childhood friend of Lord Shadow.

    Race/class: Elf

    Weapon/Spell: Sword

    Due to the properties of the sword, Evan has the ability to use spells as a common man.

    Spear: Evan has a long spear he used to throw.

    • Spear magic

    – Hit(+) Speeding, reduce enemy’s damage.

    • Additional weapon effects

    – Have the enemy collapse

    – When the spear hits, prevent damage that the person receiving the damage would incur if they roll a specific number of hit dice.



    Elden Ring Download

    • Experience a level system with 5 ranks
    Dive into a massive online game where the days and years pass and new worlds open in front of you. Each rank you achieve will grant you more experience and abilities that will make you better prepared to advance the world in the future, and all of this will lead you to the ultimate destiny of the strongest.

    • Discover a Huge World, with over 100 areas to explore
    Explore a vast world with infinite routes and hidden treasure chests. The random world generator that generates the game world for each player will lead you on a story of a new world at every restart. The order in which you visit the areas will lead to different scenarios to enjoy.

    • Discover a New Ways to Play in a vast world
    Prepare to engage in different battles and adventures across the world. All these battles and adventures will earn you experience and you will obtain a level.

    • Learn to master, combine, or freely change weapons and armor.
    Equip your weapons, armor, and magic. You can freely change the weapons and armor you equip, and even combine them to create your own combos. You will also be able to increase the power of your magic, and master different spells to reinforce your attacks.

    • Original and Unique Online Battle System
    With an original online battle system, you can fight with an unlimited number of players in real time. Use items freely to initiate attacks and enhance your strength, or use your abilities and the powerful Combos to attack your opponent. Keep your eyes on your opponent, and work together with your friends to discover what strategies will bring victory.

    • A game that incorporates the popular YGO characters and additional content

    • The style of the original characters from the YGO series are faithfully reproduced
    Play as Yu-Gi-Oh!‘s favorite characters, including the Bladez, Zoodiacs, Dandylions, and more. The art style and animations are also beautifully reproduced from the original series.

    • 100+ Challenging Level Dungeon Sections
    Explore a huge world filled with challenging levels. Discover new and huge dungeons and fight powerful enemies. Defeat powerful monsters and obtain rare items.

    Here are some screenshots of the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS game.

    Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS comes to Nintendo 3DS on February 21, 2017 in Japan.



    What's new in Elden Ring:


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Mac OS X version 10.5 or later (10.7 and 10.8 are recommended)
    2 GB of available RAM
    1024x768 display or higher
    Standard MIDI hardware or USB MIDI capability
    An audio interface for input
    For support on downloading older versions of this preset, see here.
    Windows version 7 or later (Windows 8 is recommended)
    For support on


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