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The UK's biggest business lobby group says business spending on lobbying is "woefully under-reported" - and says one in four individuals has tried to influence MPs to get elected.

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) says one in four people in the UK contacted government during 2013 to try and get someone elected.

So far this year, 58 MPs have been contacted by the government and industry during the first quarter of the new parliament.

The lobbying watchdog says lobbying is a "norm that most people accept".


It said most individuals who contacted the government did not seek to influence policy directly.

Instead, they wanted the outcome or effect of a decision to be different.

The CBI suggested an "involvement criteria" to show what happened when someone tried to influence a decision.

This suggested that just over one in 10, or 1%, of the people who approached government were involved in direct lobbying of MPs.

On top of this, it said that just over one in four, or 25%, of people who contacted the government did so to try and win an individual mandate.

This means that just under one in four people who contacted the government tried to influence a vote.

'Lobbying is a norm'

The annual report by the lobbying watchdog, Office of the Minister for Lobbying, shows the numbers of people attempting to influence the system had grown by over 30% in a year.

It said that 98 people had been involved in attempts to influence government during 2013, compared with 76 the previous year.

The numbers of individuals who contacted government on an individual basis rose from 65 to 98.

In the


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