Samurai Shodown 64 Download Pc LINK

Samurai Shodown 64 Download Pc LINK



Samurai Shodown 64 Download Pc

The Game is ready to play. So if you want to play i have one pc and one java playstation emulator. Every day we update new games and also add/remove some games. So here we add all the games at a day. So if you are new to Gametop here we provide new game. So we collect every games and news from different sites and also create our own categories. And if you have any suggestion let us know through comment.

The highlight of the game is that it supports playing 4 players simultaneously. It is Japan's first ever fighting game for the Playstation 4 to be the home version of the game, and. Samurai Shodown (2005) is known for the arcade playstyle and the

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Japanese Ninja Game

If I were still computer game design less the brass balls to it, I'd make a Half-Life 2 spin off. When something gets popular enough, I can make one!
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Convert an input to a char in C

So I am creating a basic calculator. I want to take an input from the user using scanf() which is stored in an integer input. However, the input needs to be converted into a char.
I tried using atoi() which was pretty close to what I needed. I input 15 and I would expect the result to be c.
However the actual result was c.
Is there any way to do this without having to convert into a string?


Scanf takes a char*, and a format string that specifies how to read the data. It also takes additional arguments which are converted from their arguments into wide characters.

So you have to use %c and convert 15 to a c-style string.
int main(void)
int number = 15;
char *string;

string = malloc(11);
if (string == NULL)

if (scanf("%c", string)!= 1)

", string);
return 0;

Note: malloc is never required - but an error return from malloc means you didn't allocate enough.


I tried using atoi() which was pretty close to what I needed. I input 15 and I would expect the result to be c.

You don't need to use atoi at all. Atoi takes a char* buffer, and returns the value it finds at that point, which is a wide char. In other words, there's no char sequence there at all.
You can use scanf to get user input, and then convert it

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