Driver Tablet Wolder Mitab Diamond [BETTER]

Driver Tablet Wolder Mitab Diamond [BETTER]


Driver Tablet Wolder Mitab Diamond

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SQL - Calculate hours since datediff

I need to calculate the number of hours, minutes, and seconds since a specific date, so basically I need to do a datediff, then add something to it such as +1 week or +1 day
This is what I tried
datediff(hr,getdate(),t.user_dt) +
(select 1 from t2)
from t

While this part works, it doesn't matter how many rows there are in t2, so I'm having trouble figuring out how to use a variable to determine how many weeks since today there are. If there are 5 rows in t2, it gives an incorrect result.


It's because of using scalar sub-query in the second part, it does not fetch the result from the row.
You can use CASE expression and update the datetime column as the variable increases by using NEW.
CASE t2.n

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1. I'm not asking for an "Ensure that there is an update available for your computer and that the WOLDER miTab DIAMOND wireless card is enabled. First, Download, install and run the latest driver updates.



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The statement from the North's foreign ministry on Thursday did not discuss that part of the agenda.

The U.S. and North Korea have been involved in intense diplomacy for months as the two countries attempt to advance their plans for denuclearization.

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