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The Tarnished Heroes of Elden Ring
The Tarnished Heroes are a collection of five original characters designed by YouPorn, one of the world's leading adult websites. The characters are designed to have a seductive, intense appeal that is also approachable. However, they also have a harsh, wild power that can cause them to lose their sanity.

5 Characters Transforming into 5 Gods
Each Tarnished Hero will be transformed into a god after attaining level 60. As a god, their power will increase, and they will receive an attack and defense buff when entering a dungeon.

Become a God with Not a Silver Medal, but a Golden Crown
When you become a god you will earn a "Crown of Tarnished Heroes", which turns into a "Crown of Fallen Heroes" when you are demoted. It is a golden crown that awards you with a 3-star buff, an attack and defense buff, and a special attack that is active during the combat of a certain dungeon.

RPG Elements
The Tarnished Heroes are a fantasy RPG with action and fighting elements to immerse you in a fantasy world of adventure.

Explore a Vast World
The new fantasy action RPG, Rise of Tarnished Heroes, is a huge open world with several levels. You can freely move around, cross the vast world, and access a variety of dungeons by automating. There are no restrictions on the freedom of your movement, and you can enjoy the landscape as you see fit.

Thrilling Combat Action
The combat that takes place in the open world and the battles in dungeons will be intense due to the increased number of combat actions.

Creative Combination of Action and Fighting
The new fantasy action RPG, Rise of Tarnished Heroes, is a combination of action and fighting. You can take on powerful enemies, enjoy exploring dungeons, and more with the unique action and fighting elements.

Tetris-Style Dungeon Exploration
The game contains various dungeons that have a three-dimensional design. As you explore, you will be able to interact with the dungeon and the environment. Each dungeon has its own style, so it will provide a different experience depending on how you interact with it.


New Talent Unlock System
Talents and Stunts will be unlocked as you level up in the game.





Features Key:

  • Creative Action RPG

    The magic you use is linked to your character. You can be strongest with a unique strategy based on magic use by yourself. You can also create a strategy to give your character the strength that is suitable for a party. You are free to choose a party and strategy that suits your play style.

  • Masterful Action Scene

    The most demanding, hilarious and difficult battles await you in the deeply instilled world of the Lands Between. There are numerous enemy types, but only the highest-level armies attack on a large scale, and only the most powerful warriors can be called upon to fight.

  • 3D Graphics for Tactical Battles

    Elden Ring captures the action scene in incredible detail, dramatically reinforcing the experience of battles.

  • Intelligent Character Development

    You can develop the character that suits you best based on the level system and customize it according to your play style.

  • Fantasy Setting

    Elden Ring is set in the mythical Lands Between (c. 4,000 B.C.E.), where humans and elves coexist. Elves are a peaceful people, but they use powerful magic to retain their independence. The lonely and numberless humans live in despair, but they secretly use magic to flee the tyrannical humans.

  • A Variety of Weapons

    Weapons are collected as you explore the Lands Between, so it is possible to enjoy them by engaging in fierce battles. The powerful skills of each weapon are different, so it is possible to take on various enemies and enjoy the thrilling battles.

  • Talent Skills

    You can learn new skills to enhance your characters as you progress. It is possible to change your characters according to their improvements, and you can strengthen your characters by learning high-level skills.

  • Balanced and Intuitive UI

    The clear UI allows clear instruction of skills with less confusion. It is possible to easily direct your physical and magical attacks in real time.

  • Beautiful Music, Sound, and Effects

    Elden Ring captivates with a combination of the music, sound, and effects. The game


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    | ELDEN RING Game Reviews |

    For more information about this game, visit the official English website.


    | Game Source is a community of gamers who review games, movies, music, and more!

    We were only able to test the tutorial of this game.

    You can see the tutorial footage in the following media.

    Tutorial + Story

    [Story]+Note: A lot of NPC dialogs are in Japanese.

    [Story]+Note: When you are attacked and have hit point in the tutorial, you will not be able to continue the game. You will have to restart the game.

    [Story]+Note: If you finish the tutorial, the Music Box will not appear.

    The story in this game starts with the protagonist Tarnished being expelled from his home village for wearing a cross that is forbidden to the Elden (humans of the city of the mighty), and then wandering aimlessly in the desolate lands. He then meets an unknown monster and tries to protect himself from it. However, he and his monster companion soon have to leave the unfamiliar place and travel. The game follows the events that occur through Tarnished’s and his companion’s travel and fight. When Tarnished and his companion are caught by the invaders, he is placed in a cell.

    [Story]+Note: You can still use the skills after the cell is breached. However, the cell will be empty and the enemies will be less. If you run out of hit point in the cell, you have to restart the game.

    [Story]+Note: There is a side quest after the cell is breached. If you do it, you will get the Music Box.

    [Story]+Note: In this event, you will not have to fight enemies in dungeons, but be welcomed by them.

    [Story]+Note: After completing the quest, you will get the Music Box.

    The main quest of this game is short. After finishing the main quest, you will be able to get to the second quest through the side quest that you can get after you complete the first quest. However, you will not be able to get an Alchemy Stone through this event.

    | Graphics


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    1. Choose your character

    You will start the game with three characters from which to choose. You can freely use them to play and customize the appearance, etc.

    Single player RISE : a young adventurer

    : a young adventurer Single player TARNISH : an assassin

    : an assassin Single player GRACE : a mage

    2. Tale of the Gods

    Concerning the creation of the world, the gods entrusted it to the land of the gods, and humankind came into being. The harmony and balance between them was inescapable, but human beings spoiled it.

    Among them, the gods hurled thunderbolts from the heavens and raged continuously in the form of storms. As the divine vessels thrown out, the dragons floated in the land of the gods. The gods calmed down the storms and dragons, but humankind lost its balance with the gods.

    As the balance began to shift, the lands and the gods that had been intertwined cracked, and the lands of the gods began to deteriorate. The human gods began to appear and the four sacred swords of the land of the gods were used to exterminate all of them. The gods called forth golden dragons that overcame the humans.

    Because of the curse of the dragons, there was no God, and human beings drowned into the sea. Yet the cities of the gods and the lands of the gods remained, and humankind has been wandering ever since. However, the people remained descendants of the gods. Among them, a hero was born with a strong sense of responsibility. Among the city of the gods, the Hero Arcas, the Hero Arcas once more, met with a girl named Dana who would become a noble. The two of them met with the ultimate tragedy.

    The Hero Arcas himself was slain. Dana sacrificed herself to eliminate the divine sword, Thor's Mantle, that had descended from the sky as punishment.

    Dana was a hero and a strong figure that crossed her limits in the moment of death. The Hero Arcas could not meet Dana in this world, but his grace was bestowed upon her in the next world.

    As she prayed to the gods, the Hero Arcas, who had not died, entered Dana's body. The gods bestowed him with immense power.

    The Hero Arcas set out to find his true family in order to revitalize the land of the gods.

    After much wandering, the Hero Arcas came to the Elden Ring


    What's new in Elden Ring:


    Sprites Demo (24/10, 00:44~)

    Web & TV Drama Demo (CC03)

    Horror Demo



    Tisch Demo (18/11, 15:33~)

    Twinkle Star Rock by Tomoki Yamagami



    Saitama Arc Demo (18/11, 11:38~)

    Saitama Arc - Origin 

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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista
    Processor: Dual Core CPU 2.4GHz
    Memory: 1 GB RAM
    Graphics: DirectX 9 graphics card
    DirectX: Version 9.0
    Network: Broadband Internet connection
    Storage: 4 GB available space
    Sound Card: DirectX Compatible sound card
    Additional Notes: Also compatible with Diablo III, StarCraft II, World of Warcraft, Starcraft II, and any other game or program that is compatible with Windows Vista.


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