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FIFA 22 also includes an expanded set of player data: Goals, Key Passes, Dribbles, Aerial Duels, Passes and Tackles are included for every player profile.

Eight player classes have been reworked and tweaks have been made to player traits and behaviours. New animations will now vary between the base and coach positions, making it easier to identify basic player classes and understand how each class plays. The pitch dimensions, goalpost height and goal angle have also been adjusted.

FIFA 22 will be available this September on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS.JAMMU: The Jammu and Kashmir government on Wednesday decided to appoint a retired bureaucrat as the state health secretary. Mohammad Abdul Rehman Shigakshi, who is currently heading the Jammu Division at the Centre, has been chosen for the job. He has more than 30 years of administrative experience and was earlier posted as chief of health department at Jammu.

While working for the central government in various capacities, Shigakshi has handled the health portfolio for five years, an official said. He was earlier heading the health department of Jammu Division and also handled the health portfolio for the five years.

He hails from Kupwara district and is a graduate from the prestigious Bethune College in Tamil Nadu. He has also been working with the world class Ganga Balmiki Vidyapeeth, Bangalore, since 2003.

Shigakshi met chief minister Mehbooba Mufti at her residence here on Tuesday and discussed the appointments. “I have already submitted the name of Shigakshi and he is going to be formally appointed soon,” she said.

Lauding the selection of Shigakshi, Mufti said he has full administrative experience and will be a good fit for the state. “His name was being discussed for the post for a long time and I am happy that finally Shigakshi has been selected,” she said.

Shigakshi is one of the foremost health and medical administrative experts in the country and has managed health sectors in various parts of the country.

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Features Key:

  • A brand new Career Mode puts players and managers back at the centre of a living football world.
  • A brand new Player Creation system brings the control you need to play the way you want.
  • Contact receives an overhauled Suspended Strikes engine, delivering a higher number of new animations.
  • New attacking traits make all-rounders more versatile.
  • Different Player Traits give individual players new abilities.
  • A whole new defensive system leads to improved dribbling and tackling.
  • New Extra Skill moves make dribbling across the field a breeze.
  • On-ball actions are more authentic, turning match-like situations into natural plays.
  • The all-new Close Control system brings ultimate power to the final third.
  • Player Attributes ensure that there is a slightly different feel to each player based on their role.
  • A brand new set of badges offers fans even more personalisation.


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FIFA® (Foul Ball International Federation) is the world's most popular football gaming franchise. It began in association with the Premier League. EA SPORTS serves as the official videogame developer for the FIFA family of games.

Who is FIFA?

FIFA® is the world's most popular football gaming franchise. It began in association with the Premier League. EA SPORTS serves as the official videogame developer for the FIFA family of games.

What is FIFA Ultimate Team™?

The Ultimate Team mode of FIFA allows you to play and manage real teams made up of other players. In other words, you can own an actual football club. And unlike the game, you don't need to buy real players - you can buy player cards that you earn by playing the game or by spending real money.

You can also customize your playing style, like a real manager by selecting a formation for your team and setting your preferred formation ahead of each match. And with online tools like Moments, you can share and compare your team's performance with other players around the world.

What’s New in FIFA 22?

FIFA 22 delivers a new Champions league experience, a bigger pitch and revolutionary brand-new football experience to players in Career Mode.

Brand-new Champions league experience: Brand-new Champions League experience: The Champion’s League is returning for EA SPORTS FIFA 22, with new deep-level gameplay and new match-ups. New gameplay innovations include a new game speed, faster passing, better ball control, new animations and smarter tackling. In addition, the pitch is now larger, and the Champions League gameplay will reward players who are better equipped tactically.

Faster passing: Many teams struggle to play at the peak of their game because they are unable to keep up with the pace of play – and that’s even with players who are considered world-class. FIFA 22 will attempt to solve this problem by adding a new football mechanic – the ability to use the game's engine to accelerate play and move the ball more quickly.

Better ball control: Fights between teams are now more dynamic, with the game’s engine deciding to prioritize multiple players and also to prioritize one-on-one scenarios where timing is key.

New animations: A number of new animations have been added to improve players’ behavior in the game, including a new skate animation when players are about to make a tackle.

Smarter tackling:


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Choose from over 25 iconic players to create your dream team of the best players from over 150 real-world clubs from all over the world in FIFA Ultimate Team. Create, Customise and Season your Ultimate Team from over 100 leagues and competitions including: La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Bundesliga and many more.

Offline Play – FIFA 22 offline play returns and allows fans to play competitive matches on Xbox Live, PSN, Xbox Live Gold, or PlayStation Plus members within supported regions across the globe, allowing fans to continue their passions and compete for glory in custom FIFA 22 online leagues and tournaments at

Authentic Club Experience – The award-winning engine powering FIFA is now fully featured with new visual content and animation that takes the game-play to a new level and provide additional authenticity and immersion. Customise your players, stadium, boots, kits, and badges across all competitions available at

Improved Pitched Control – The pitch can now be manually angled around in FIFA 22, to give you more control when handling the ball. The pitch is now also fully reversible, giving you new control over where the pitch begins and ends, and the direction in which you can dribble or pass.

Play with the World’s Best – Fights are back to take players back to the glory days of real street football in the all-new 14/15 street-style that sees the best street footballers from around the world of work it out in a new street-play unique to each ability. Available in both Career and Player modes.

Athletics and Skills – New modes and features enhance the various touch-based game modes with new skills, dribbling, and dribble moves specific to each mode.

Motion Capture – In FIFA 22, more than 90 players and over 200 animations are in motion captured to enhance the gameplay experience including in-game animation, stadium, animations and celebrations to create the most immersive and authentic football experience on Xbox One and PC.

Local Multiplayer – Up to 4 local players can compete in a variety of game modes across all platforms, with leaderboards allowing you and your friends to compete against each other.

Multiplayer Online Competitions – Competitive online play returns in FIFA 22 and with innovative new features you can now play in multiplayer leagues against your friends online.

DLC Play – Play any content from previous FIFA games or add-on content from the digital


What's new in Fifa 22:

  • SEGA.*
  • FIFA Ultimate Team: Ultimate Treasures, Ultimate Club Legends and Ultimate Packs.
  • Easier to navigate stadium and out of turf pitches when starting a game.
  • First-person smart dribble controls.
  • New matches and competitions for 2019 World Cup.
  • Wide array of new celebrations, moves and free kicks.

Open World Games: A selection of open-world modes.

  • Pitch Trainer – An intuitive, high-tech training simulation that allows you to take the field and get comfortable with your new boots.
  • Subway Premier League – Matches will be played from the kit worn by the top players representing the teams in your city. This mode uses real top London player data and will feature their likenesses. Open this mode and pick out “clubs” based on your fans, choose your team, and play a match as your favourite player. The venue may be changed if players are not available to take on your team.
  • MasterLeague – Rules and play in the very competitive MLS: this time on a full-sized pitch, with all players you might expect.
  • Saturday Night Football – The ultimate version of the mainstream game of football, played on the weekend. Kick the ball around a short pitch based on a real stadium.


Free Download Fifa 22

EA SPORTS FIFA 22 is an all-new experience in FIFA that takes the core gameplay of the series and mixes it with new features and significant improvements to connect the game even closer to the real-world experience. FIFA shares DNA with the game fans know and love, while embracing the innovations of this generation to create a new FIFA experience unlike anything else on the market.

Designed By FIFA Fans, For FIFA Fans

The FIFA team worked closely with fans from around the world on the core gameplay and system features. EA SPORTS looked for feedback and suggestions on intuitive and fun gameplay, realistic passing, tackling, ball-tracking, dribbling, shooting, and other key elements that make the FIFA experience so authentic.

Players Get Real-World Skills

EA SPORTS also worked closely with leading coaches and experts from around the world to incorporate feedback and make sure the FIFA license remained true to the real-world game. Players will learn and master individual skills in new and refreshing ways with features like one-on-one tactics, new dribbling and shooting control, and more.

Focus On Player Skills

The FIFA team was so committed to developing new core FIFA features that they all but ignored Mode Creation, allowing EA SPORTS FIFA 22 to focus on developing new player skills, modes, and game modes. Mode Creation will become more important in future FIFA releases because of the new core gameplay elements which already exist in the game. But EA SPORTS took advantage of this time to give players the tools to continue creating great modes.

Four New Championship Mode Stadiums

EA SPORTS’ technical director Patrick Catanzariti and his team worked closely with the UEFA Champions League representatives to develop new stadiums – four in all – that were custom built for FIFA and include unique elements like artificial turf, real-world player positioning, and lighting.

The new stadiums feature an enhanced technical toolkit that includes new camera angles and interactive training dummies so players can go beyond the lines and really experience what it means to play on each surface. But the tools are more than just a showcase for the new stadiums: they also equip the FIFA team to push the game to new heights in other modes.

Four New Championship Mode Games Modes

The team also worked closely with the ITF to create a new Championship mode that includes four new competitive games modes. Elimination, one-up-one-down, the new UEFA Elite tournament, and the group stage elimination pools are all new games modes that enhance the FIFA


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