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Figure 1-2 and most other figure images in this chapter are made with a background-removed Adobe® Illustrator file. You can choose background and foreground colors, shapes, and line style on the web or in a word processor and then copy, paste, and apply to your image file in Photoshop.

## Layers Panel

The Layers panel is the place you can add new layers and edit existing ones. Figure 1-3 shows the Layers panel with a single layer with a single shape, image, and adjustment. Underneath the panel, you'll see a name of the layer. The label on the layer is not the name of the layer; it's the title of the layer, which can be edited. It also serves a dual purpose.

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Photoshop is a great tool for professional, graphic designers, web designers, music composers, and game developers, among others. Over the past few years, Photoshop has made a strong comeback into the professional market. Today, it is used by a broad range of people to edit their photos and create attractive images.

This article will briefly cover the Photoshop that is used for editing photos. You will learn about the editing features that are provided by Photoshop. Most of the Photoshop functions are the same as the other versions of Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop Elements has fewer features than the professional version of Photoshop.

You will also learn how to install and run Photoshop Elements. The installation and running of the professional versions of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements are similar. We will start with Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop – Photoshop is the most popular image editing software used by graphic designers and photographers. The software is a big part of the Adobe Photoshop Suite that contains three different versions.

Adobe Photoshop CC – The latest version of Photoshop that is available as a commercial software. It is a fully featured edit program that allows you to create and edit images. Adobe Photoshop CC has a feature called Content-Aware. This feature allows you to edit the background of the image without affecting the main content.

Adobe Photoshop CC now has a 365-day subscription.

Adobe Photoshop Elements – Photoshop Elements is a standalone version of Photoshop. The software is an edit-only program. The software can be used to edit photos, create new high-quality images and graphics.

Adobe Photoshop Elements was previously known as Adobe Photoshop Photo and can now be called Adobe Photoshop Elements. The software is a part of the Adobe Photoshop Suite.

Photoshop Tutorials – Photoshop is an Image Editing software that is used by graphic designers, photographers, web designers, music composers, and game developers among others.

It is the most popular image editing software that is used on almost every computer.

Photoshop Elements – Photoshop Elements is a simplified version of Photoshop. It’s a graphic editing tool and can be used to edit photos, create new high quality images, and graphics.

Adobe Photoshop Elements is available in different versions for different operating systems.

Adobe Photoshop CC – Photoshop CC is a full-fledged image editing software that offers a host of editing features.

Adobe Photoshop CC comes with a 365-day subscription. You can use Photoshop CC for a limited period of time without a

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Yoon So-yoon

Yoon So-yoon (born October 21, 1973 in Busan) is a retired female badminton player from South Korea.

She participated in the women's singles tournament at the 1996 Summer Olympics and 2000 Summer Olympics, but lost in the first round.


Asian Championships
Women's singles

World Junior Championships
Girls' singles

BWF Superseries
The BWF Superseries, launched on 14 December 2006 and implemented in 2007, is a series of elite badminton tournaments sanctioned by Badminton World Federation (BWF). BWF Superseries has two level such as Superseries and Superseries Premier. A season of Superseries features twelve tournaments around the world, which introduced since 2011, with successful players invited to the Superseries Finals held at the year end.

Women's singles

BWF Superseries Finals tournament
BWF Superseries Premier tournament
BWF Superseries tournament

BWF International Challenge/Series
Women's singles

BWF International Challenge tournament
BWF International Series tournament


External links

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How to pass date value from Activity to Fragment, without any resolver

I have a FragmentActivity. When I click on a button in fragment activity, I am able to pass date value to Fragment class. I want that when I change day value in datepicker in FragmentActivity, same value should be updated in Fragment. I am using DatePickerDialog in FragmentActivity to get date value and then I am using getSelectedDate() method to get selected value. But in my case, its not updating when I change day value of datepicker in FragmentActivity. Please help me to resolve this issue.
Thanks in advance.


If you are passing date from fragment to activity, and you want to pass the same value in tofragment, then you can use bundle.
See this example.



What's New in the?


Adding objects to a numpy array

I am trying to add a few objects that I have defined, to an array, but I can't. This is my code.
import numpy as np
import math
import cv
import imutils
import sys
import time

def main(imgPath, imgPath2, imgPath3, imgPath4, imgPath5, imgPath6, imgPath7, imgPath8):
#im = cv.imread(imgPath)
gs = np.zeros((800,800,3))
gs[100,100,0] = 1
gs[400,400,1] = 2
gs[700,700,0] = 0
gs = np.array(gs)
gs = cv.cvtColor(gs, cv.COLOR_GRAY2BGR)
roi = gs[100:500,100:500,:]
im = cv.cvtColor(roi, cv.COLOR_BGR2GRAY)
im = im.astype(np.float32)/128.0
im = im + 100
im = im.astype(np.uint8)
im = cv.cvtColor(im, cv.COLOR_BGR2BGR)
cap = cv.createVideoCapture(imgPath)
ret, frame =
while True:
b,g,r = cv.split(frame,3)
if(g == 2):
cap2 = cv.VideoCapture(imgPath2)
ret, frame2 =
b,g,r = cv.split(frame2,3)

System Requirements:

Supported OS:
Windows 8/8.1
Windows 7
Mac OS X
Minimum requirements:
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 @ 2.4Ghz / AMD Phenom II X4 945 @ 3.0Ghz
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT / AMD Radeon HD 5670 or equivalent
Disk space: 4 GB available space
Software Requirements:

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