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How can I put a control on top of an xmlstring?

I am using C# in Visual Studio. I have created a GUI panel to display a text file and control a search form above the text file. It basically looks like this:

I am using XmlTextWriter from a library to pull the xml string from the file. I have a text file containing a description of the game, and I would like to put the search form above the description. I tried doing this but I had no luck:
XmlTextWriter writer = new XmlTextWriter("descriptions.xml", null);
writer.WriteString("The Magic Brick");
writer.WriteString("The Magic Brick");
writer.WriteString("The Magic Brick");

I get an error saying that the constructor that is supposed to take an FileStream parameter is expecting a StringBuilder instead. This is how I get the string:
XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument();
XmlNode node = doc.SelectSingleNode("/games/game");
string gameXML = node.OuterXml;

EDIT: The error was caused by another error I had. In my XmlNode node, I had a line of code where I selected a node in the Game, then looped through those nodes to get a GameDescription but I didn't have a GameDescription in the XmlNode's class.
Any help is appreciated.


Do you need to use a library to read/write XML files? If so, there is no reason to do anything crazy with string manipulations. You can simply feed XmlNode objects to a XmlDocument and then write it out again.
Edit: Based on the comments, I would suggest using the DataSet and DataTable for your XML schema. You should then be able to use the

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