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A comprehensive yet easy-to-learn tutorial for creating AutoCAD drawings from scratch, including topics such as orientation, geometry, components, drawing sheets, layers, views, blocks, and linework types.

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An expansive list of books on AutoCAD is available from a number of sources, as is this list of books for AutoCAD. A list of useful AutoCAD books is also available from this site.

With the release of the 2015 version of AutoCAD, the AutoCAD suite itself is, finally, open source. This blog post describes how the new license changes affect the way AutoCAD will be made available.


Autodesk develops AutoCAD to fulfill the needs of today's designers, architects, and engineers. In order to accomplish this mission, Autodesk makes AutoCAD available at all levels, from the entry-level student to the professional CAD designer.

While the product Autodesk develops for design professionals provides the highest level of functionality, Autodesk also maintains a strong commitment to free and open-source software development, including supporting the free and open-source version of AutoCAD.

Autodesk makes its source code freely available to everyone, including students, researchers, and other interested individuals. These efforts support a robust, vibrant community of developers that enhance AutoCAD as well as other Autodesk free and open-source products.

This blog post summarizes the significant changes in the new Autodesk-produced version of AutoCAD. More information about these changes and what they mean is available at the link below.

What's New in AutoCAD 2015

The main goal of the 2015 release of AutoCAD is to provide a world-class experience for all AutoCAD users, from beginners to seasoned professionals. With this goal in mind, this version of AutoCAD is an evolutionary release, designed to make AutoCAD better,

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Workbenches, as alternatives to the older design editors, are AutoCAD's native non-programming tools for creating and managing objects and editing drawings.


AutoCAD supports the ability to read and write DGN/DWG and other file formats. In 2000, when AutoCAD LT and AutoCAD 2000 were released, they were both released with an ability to directly read and write CAD formats and other formats that are not specific to CAD, such as dBase, Excel, HTML, S-FIL, MTS and VMD.

AutoCAD also supports the ability to read data in Model Space and Align Space coordinates.

AutoCAD also supports import of non-CAD data formats like ZIP, SQL Server, Access, and Oracle.

AutoCAD supports the ability to read external data, such as:
Absolute coordinates
Boundary coordinates
Cubic bezier curves
Degree angles

AutoCAD also supports the ability to export AutoLISP and VBA definitions to external programs, such as Microsoft Excel, through the Exchange app store.

AutoCAD supports the ability to save XML, VSP, and Hyper-XML files.

AutoCAD 2016 and later
AutoCAD 2016 uses VBA programming (Visual Basic for Applications), and includes Dynamic Input, which allows data to be input as part of the drawing itself. Dynamic Input is commonly used for positioning and labeling objects as part of the drawing itself, rather than entering the data later.

AutoCAD 2016 and later also includes the Model Manager which allows for the more efficient management of models and configuration properties.

AutoCAD 2017 and later

AutoCAD 2017 and later use VBA, which allows dynamic editing as part of the drawing itself. Dynamic Input is also available.

AutoCAD 2018 and later
AutoCAD 2018 and later use C++ to read and write drawing data and to read and write CAD formats.

AutoCAD 2019 and later
AutoCAD 2019 and later use C++ and C++ Builder to read and write drawing data and to read and write CAD formats.

File formats
AutoCAD supports a number of drawing file formats, including:
AutoCAD Drawing (.dwg)
AutoCAD Drawing Exchange Format (.dwgx)
AutoCAD Drawing Interchange Format (.d

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How to map fields from multiple tables into one list using Entity Framework

I have the following database structure:
Table structure
Each table has at least one foreign key to the table structure.
I also have created the following Entity Framework model:
Model structure
The object Structure_Table has a string ID.
I now need to retrieve a List of all Strutuctures and each Structure has a List of all corresponding Data_Table.
Any suggestions or ideas to how to retrieve the data in such a way?
I am not using any tables with inheritance or anything like that.
Thank you in advance for your help.


If your data is normalized, you should have only one row for each structure_table (and one for each datatable).
You can get all the tables' row with all their fields as properties of a class, using linq, an example:
IQueryable structures = context.Set();

Then, using reflection, you can get all the tables' properties:
foreach (PropertyInfo property in typeof(Structure).GetProperties())
var propertyType = property.PropertyType;
if (propertyType.IsGenericType && propertyType.GetGenericTypeDefinition() == typeof(List))
//Here, you get the datatables
var table = (List)property.GetValue(structure, null);
foreach (DataTable data in table)
... //do something with this table

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What's New in the AutoCAD?

Timeline view in GUI: Timeline view is a new timeline view in the GUI that supports many familiar timing features such as multi-timeline selection and zooming.

New time zone support in the GUI: The new time zone support in the GUI enables you to view and manage time in local time or in UTC time. You can also choose time zones per project or time zone group (video: 3:10 min.)

Project templates: New project templates in the GUI allow you to create a project without having to draw a new shape or sketch a new block. You can create a template from a profile, object, template, or graphic. The template can be set up with the correct UCS settings, so the imported blocks are easy to place and easy to edit. You can create and manage your templates from the templates dialog box (video: 3:46 min.)

New template functions in the GUI: A number of functions are added to templates in the GUI. You can create and manage templates with a profile, object, template, or graphic, and the imported shapes are already UCS-aligned. You can also automatically update the imported blocks. The template functions are available from the command line and are also available when you open a new project from the templates dialog box. The template update option is especially helpful if your project size is large. You can also import objects into a template (video: 4:55 min.)

New GRT file support in the GUI: GRT files can be imported and exported as imported GRT files. You can also open GRT files from the GRT dialog box in the GUI.

New layer visibility in GRT files: To improve user experience, the GRT file has a new layer visibility option. When you import a GRT file, you can select the visibility option to display layers by drawing area, layer name, or a specific layer.

Other new features and enhancements:

Editor Enhancements:

AutoSnap tools now include distance snapping on orthogonal and radial snap types for 3D axes. If you set up the snapping options correctly, you can also align 2D objects to 3D objects.

Viewport Enhancements:

The viewport graph can be zoomed using the + and - keys or dragged using the scroll wheel or the mouse. You can also use the + and - keys to zoom in and out at different scales, and you can select a scale range by using the mouse.

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Game: Diablo II: Lord of Destruction
Version: patch 1.12
Client Version: 3.01.4
OS Version: Mac OS X v10.6.5
Game: Heroes of the New World
Version: 4.4.8
Client Version: 4.0.47
Game: Modern Warfare 2
Version: 1.0.7
Client Version: 1.0.4
OS Version: Mac OS X v10

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