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Oct 4, 2020
Michele 7b17bfd26b Reply. 7b17bfd26b
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A homeless advocate from Detroit who had been living in the emergency room at a hospital for months was unexpectedly evicted Tuesday, even though she says she has a “legal right to be there,” the Detroit Free Press reported.

Kimani Ng, 24, has been sleeping in the ER of Highland Park Hospital in southeast Detroit since Oct. 30. She reportedly didn’t know she’d be sleeping there.

After she and a friend were allegedly ordered out, they spent the night in a doorway.

Highland Park Hospital, where Ng lives for free in an undisclosed ER location, said in a statement that it had provided her with a “window” to the public areas of the hospital, but that she had used it to sleep.

“There are places in our emergency department that she could have stayed, even if she had no right to stay,” Highland Park Hospital wrote in the statement. “The window that she used, with the hours that she used it and the fact that she was not on a medical floor, placed her in violation of hospital rules.”

It added: “She was advised and directed to leave the premises, and she did so.”

A spokeswoman for the Highland Park Hospital declined to provide the name of the homeless woman.

“I’m concerned about her safety,” she said. “It’s not clear where she will stay now.”

Ng, who has schizophrenia, is reportedly “refusing to go to a shelter,” the Free Press reported.

“I’m tired of sleeping in a church or on the street,” she told the newspaper. “I’m more comfortable here. I love the hospital. I feel safe.”So, it appears to be

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