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Tuesday, August 15, 2014

Epic Island Course

Today is the day that a new event is being held in Doha, called Epic Island Golf. I had the chance to go watch the round I think they had on Doha at the moment and see how the event was managed. I'm not able to attend the golf event since I'm in Qatar, but the golf event is being done in tandem with another property event, where the golfers can get on boats, see the view of Pearl Doha, and then they can be transferred on a boat back to Doha where the party continues for many hours later in the evening, alongside a spectacular light show.

Other attendees do say that Doha was a nice place to be for a day, as the weather is quite warm.

The golf event took place in a beautiful natural scenery, where they have 15 holes where you can play on 18 greens, and they also have a driving range for players who wants to practice on a green, or if you already know the swing, you can hit a few a different shots. You can walk or ride a bike in a buggy to get to the last hole, and your caddie can be with you. After you finish the round, you can go back on the boat and then continue to the party. There was a very nice buffet for lunch, with food that you can see in the picture above.

The boat transfer service back to Doha is quite fast, making it possible for players to attend both the golf and boat party side by side.

On the boat they have a 50 inch screen with a DJ/entertainment system that you can watch as well as a drink in one of the rooms. It looks like it's quite a nice ambiance with some nice music and I do hope that they have more events like this for the community to enjoy.

For players who are not familiar with the golf course, they will be given a map with all of the holes on it, so you will know where you are for the golf event, and you can also see what the greens will look like with some greenside views.


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